Contact Format:

-          Students may contact their PTs by email only. Also their PTs will contact and respond to them by email; however they may call their tutees in emergency cases.
-          Students and PTs may use interactive platforms such as Skype to discuss specific subjects.
-          The PT is advised to keep a record of meetings, emails, and feedback forms in specific folders for each student. These records may be referred back to when writing a reference or at the each stage of the student’s progress evaluation.


-          PTs aim to provide effective, welcoming, and timely responses to their tutees’ enquiries.
-          All of information arising from this programme is strictly confidential and must not released to any third party within or outside the college without student’s consent.
-          All students and staff should be aware of their responsibilities and rights in this programme at the start of their studies in the DE department and in the PT programme.