In general, PTs are the source of support, advice, and guidance with regards to the student’s educational and learning performance as well as aspects of their personal concerns during their period in the College. Therefore, students’ administrational affairs are excluded from this programme. In the other words, the overall role of the PT is to act as first point of contact within the DE department from whom students can obtain academic support. The scope of the PTs’ duties and activities is detailed in the following:
-          Supervision of students’ educational progress throughout the whole of their studies in different modules. In order to do this, the PT should track and support students, especially vulnerable students. The PT should look at the tutee’s results including their essays, activities and review questions and identify students who have failed module(s).
-          Ensuring that the student receives adequate academic guidance and support at the College.
-          Helping the student to understand the relevant educational rules and processes at the College.
-          Providing periodical feedback and advice to students, their tutors, and the DE about the students’ strengths and weaknesses.
o   This feedback will be offered to students in two manners: on-demand, and regularly at the end of each semester.
§  The monthly feedback from PTs to students is confidential and not to be transferred during this time to their tutors.
o   The PTs’ feedback includes the following  areas:
§  The level of students’ attention to their tutors’ comments on their weekly essays.
§  The levels of students’ attention to submitting their weekly tasks/essays timely and with a high level of quality.
§  Students’ attention to interacting with their tutors.
-          Supervision and guidance of students in the process of selecting their modules before the beginning of each semester.
-          Supervision and guidance of students in the process of selecting and writing their dissertations. This process will be commenced at the stage of selection of the subject of dissertation and will be continued until the confirmation of the subject and determination of supervisor. After this latter stage, the main responsibility for a student’s dissertation rests with the students’ supervisor.
-          Accepting or denying the students’ requests for writing reference letters for them.
Note: A PT is able to refer his/her tutee to the appropriate College person/facility if he/she is unable to resolve a problem.