The main area of the PT’s concern is primarily academic. However, a PT may also address  questions relating to the personal development of the student or personal difficulties that are impacting the students’ studies. So, the role of the PT is essentially twofold: academic and personal development. Students can ask their PTs to advise them in the following categories:
-          Academic affairs:
o   Reflecting on their educational skills and experiences within and outside of their curriculum
o   Study progress
o   Changing the course
o   Selecting and changing modules
o   Submitting academic assignments
o   Selecting the title of their dissertation
o   Changing or leaving the course
o   Difficulties with tutors
o   Difficulties in connection with supervision issues
Note: While the PTs may be consulted on academic and educational issues, the main responsibility for specific academic direction rests with the tutor of each specific module.
-          Personal affairs:
o   Advising on careers related to the College’s courses
o   Providing references for employment, scholarship, or further/postgraduate studies
o   Selecting / advising resources for students' open and self-study
o   Helping students to develop their Personal Development Planning (PDP)