MProf/DProf Muslim Cultures

Promoting Muslim Contributions to Intercultural Knowledge

Offered Jointly with Middlesex University

This highly innovative Doctorate/Masters in Professional Studies programme is for advanced practitioners making significant contributions to their organisation, the community or professional area. It is planned to develop a unique multi-institutional doctoral framework that offers a diversity of routes for professionals from the private, public and voluntary sectors to exchange and advance community work, mentoring, understanding and contributions to the enhancement of life at the interface of difference. The Doctorate in Professional Studies (DProf) and the interim Masters in Professional Studies (MProf) allows individuals and groups to discuss and share their professional experience and experiential learning from practice regarding the needs of the various Muslim communities in our multi-cultural society, providing the opportunity for a deeper understanding of Islam in its right context and perspective. This programme aims to help in the development of local communities by recognising the skills and expertise required to work at the interface of cultural differences and by providing the conditions for senior and accomplished practitioners to use their experiences in their various field of expertise to achieve doctoral recognition not only for substantial contributions to Muslim communities but for their contributions to stability through mutual exchange of respect and understanding. The Islamic college has a positive approach to dialogue between faiths and cultures and has been recognised for its interfaith endeavours and as such would like to promote Muslim contributions to intercultural knowledge. We aim to:

  • Offer Islamic education of the highest quality
  • Encourage research across a whole range of subjects about Islam, particularly learning which arises out of professional practice and activities
  • Provide an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to those interested in acquiring a critical, constructive and comprehensive understanding of issues and topics about Islam
  • Help to become more articulate, independent and flexible learners
  • Enable candidates and professionals to pursue their studies at a higher level
  • Prepare for potential employment opportunities or continuous professional development through being able to critique practice and contribute to new knowledge and thinking for the benefit of everyone.

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