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Manuscript Submissions:

What types of books do we publish?

ICAS Press is a specialized academic publisher focusing on classical and contemporary works on Islam, particularly Shi‘ism. ICAS Press welcomes proposals for non-fiction that fit into this genre; translations of seminal classical or contemporary works are particularly welcome. Fiction manuscripts, such as well-researched historical fiction, may be considered insofar as they fit into this genre. Our current priorities are to provide translations of primary sources as well as books that can be used in university-level Islamic Studies courses.

Who should book proposals or manuscripts be sent to?

You may send your materials to editor@islamic-college.ac.uk, or via post to: Department of Research & Publications ICAS Press 133 High Road London NW10 2SW UK

What to send

Upon initial contact, please send a proposal explaining your work, how far along you are, an estimate of its final length, and why it is of significance, as well as important practical details such as whether it is a bilingual edition or contains colour photographs. You may then be invited to share your full manuscript. Academic manuscripts will be subject to anonymous peer review.


We will endeavour to respond to you within a month of receiving your proposal or manuscript. For further enquiries, please contact editor@islamic-college.ac.uk.